K'enaanee Kkaazoot!

In Koyukon Athabascan, K'enaanee Kkaazoot means that "Skiing is fun!" or more literally "It is fun to slide on snow." The Tribes Extension Program at the University of Alaska Fairbanks Cooperative Extension Service and Tanana Chiefs Conference have been promoting youth skiing in Interior Villages since 2008.

K'enaanee Kkaazoot is partnering with NANANordic in the Spring of 2014. Interested in sharing your passion for skiing with youth?

Goals of K'enaanee Kkaazoot:

1. To recruit volunteers from UAF and the Fairbanks community to travel to rural Alaska Native villages in Interior Alaska, to share their knowledge and passion for Cross-Country skiing with the youth.

2. To provide youth in Alaska Native villages an opportunity to learn a fun, healthy, outdoor activity that can also be used for non-motorized transportation.

3. To support and promote regional races in rural Alaska, so that youth have an opportunity to maximize their skiing and racing skill and ability.

4. To provide a long-term commitment to village ski programs with encouragement, travel funding, skiing clinics, technical assistance, and ski equipment.

5. To promote a dynamic urban/rural exchange through Nordic skiing in rural Alaska.

6.To fund-raise for volunteers to travel to rural Interior Alaskan Villages.