Overarching Research Interests
  • Improve human-wildlife management approaches; advance cross-disciplinary understanding through the integration of social science and geospatial research techniques into traditional ecological and biological wildlife approaches
  • Increase the capacity for international and interdisciplinary collaborations promoting wildlife conservation
  • Foster sustainable human-environment relationships in Arctic and sub-Arctic regions

Current Research Approaches

Comparatively across
urbanized regions of 2 Northern study areas:
- Sakhalin Island, Russian Far-East & Alaska, USA
  • Perceptions of local people toward human-bear encounters and bear management (including perceived impact of social, cultural, political, economic and environmental factors)
  • Impact of urbanization and land-use on human-bear encounters at particular spatial and temporal scales (hot-spot mapping and predictive modeling)
  • Use of complexity and resilience theory to develop human-wildlife management models


Kim Jochum, PhD
Wildlife Biologist
CEMML, Colorado State University
Email kim.jochum@colostat.edu
Phone 907-873-1616

Donnelly Training Area
Natural Resources
P.O. Box 1291
Delta Junction, Alaska