I recently completed my Ph.D. at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.  I have long been interested in the systematics and biology of ferns, having researched a variety of fern lineages since I was an undergraduate. 

Currently, I am studying the parsley ferns (Cryptogramma), a small, mostly circumboreal genus of ferns with 10 species.  By synthesizing morphological, molecular and ecological data, I have produced a well-supported phylogeny of the genus. 

I recently published research on the genetic legacy of the Pleistocene on European Cryptogramma and have completed a study on the biogeographic history and speciation rate heterogeneity of the genus.  I am also using next-generation DNA sequencing to reconstruct the pattern and tempo of two Alaskan parsley fern species migrations after the Last Glacial Maximum and predict future range shifts or contractions caused by anthropogenic climate change.

I am also strongly interested in collections management and specimen digitization.  For the last few years I have worked to advance these goals at the University of Alaska Museum Herbarium (ALA) and have helped to build our database of over 250,000 specimen records and high-resolution specimen images.

You can also download my CV.