I am a Ph.D. student at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.  I have long been interested in the systematics and biology of ferns, having researched a variety of fern lineages since I was an undergraduate. 

Currently, I am studying the parsley ferns (Cryptogramma), a small, mostly circumboreal genus of ferns with 8-10 species.  By synthesizing morphological, molecular and ecological data, I have produced a well-supported phylogeny of the genus. 

Currently, I am reconstructing the pattern and tempo of two Alaskan species migrations after the Last Glacial Maximum and predict future range shifts or contractions caused by anthropogenic climate change.

I am also strongly interested in collections management and specimen digitization.  For the last few years I have worked to advance these goals at the University of Alaska Museum Herbarium (ALA) and have helped to build our database of approx. 200,000 specimen records and high-resolution specimen images.

You can also download my CV.