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Biographical Sketch

I was born in Anchorage in 1974 and lived more of my adolescent life in the the small Bristol Bay village of Naknek, Alaska.  My grandmothers on my mother's side were indigenous to the region - one from the Lake Iliamna region, and my other great-grandmother from Carmel Mission, near present-day Dillingham.  I left Naknek in 1993 and went away to college.  After completing my Bachelor's of Science from the University of Arizona in 2002, I moved back home to Naknek where I went to work for the local Alaska Native Corporation, Paug-Vik, Inc. Ltd. as a General Manager.  After about a year and a half, I went to work for the fledgling Lake & Peninsula Business Development Center, a grant-funded project of the Lake & Peninsula Borough.  In 2005, I went back to school, to study law at the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law.  I received my Juris Doctorate in Law in 2008, and moved back to Alaska in 2009.  While in law school, I formed a family-owned Limited Liability Company, Naknek Family Fisheries, that I continue to seasonally manage during the summer months.  In the summer of 2009, I formed another business called Alaska Bounty, which manufactures soil from the salmon waste generated at the fish processing plant. 

I now work for the UAF Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program, where I serve the Bristol Bay region on issues relevant to the seafood industry.   

Here are a couple of recent projects that I've been working on:
If you would like information relating to starting your own seafood business, you can also visit my wiki site at http://fishbusiness.pbworks.com