Ice Watch is a forum for sharing shipborne Arctic sea ice observation data. It is coordinated by the International Arctic Research Center, with the Geographic Information Network of Alaska, providing software development, and overseen by the CliC Sea Ice Working Group. Ice Watch provides open source software to record and archive visual sea ice observations. You can participate by using the Arctic Shipborne Sea Ice Standardization Tool (ASSIST) to record visual observations of sea ice, and by reporting these observations to the Ice Watch program. 

Melt pond atop multiyear ice at BGOS/JOIS Ice Based Observatory #1, 78N, 140W in
the Central Canada Basin, 5 August 2011. (Photo: Alice Orlich)


  • standardize shipborne sea ice observations throughout the Arctic
  • archive and rescue visual sea ice observation data
  • support data collection, archive, and visualization


The Ice Watch campaign and ASSIST debuted in summer 2012. We welcome feedback regarding your experiences with the Ice Watch site and the ASSIST software. We also encourage submission of shipborne sea ice observation data recorded by other methods. Please contact us with issues, questions, or to find out how to obtain ASSIST for your own sea ice observations.