Spring 2018

Office Hours

Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 10:00-11:30 AM in Chapman 306D.


This semester I am teaching Calculus III and Introduction to Real Analysis.

Archived Courses
Spring 2018:  Calculus III and Linear Algebra.
Fall 2017: Calculus I and Calculus III.
Spring 2017:  Introduction to Mathematical Proofs and  Introduction to Complex Analysis.
Fall 2016: 
 Number Theory and the Graduate Teaching Seminar.
Spring 2015: Algebra course and Calculus II.
Fall 2014: 
 Algebra and Numerical Analysis.
Spring 2014: Geometry and Senior Seminar.
Fall 2013: Linear Algebra, Numerical Analysis.
Spring 2013: Calculus II, Complex Analysis.
Fall 2012: Abstract Algebra, Polyhedra and Polytopes.
Spring 2012: Calculus I, Differential Equations.
Fall 2011: Calculus II, Linear Algebra.
Spring 2011:  Calculus IILinear Algebra.
Fall 2010: Linear Algebra, Abstract Algebra.
Spring 2010:  Polygons, Polyhedra and Polytopes
Fall 2009:  Calculus IIDifferential Equations 


You can do math

I've long maintained, contrary to many people's expectations, that mathematics is not something that only smart people do, but that math is something that people can do to get smarter. Apparently, there is some research that backs this idea up! Check out this great article in The Atlantic for more information.


As time permits in coming weeks and months I will post information here about my research program. Most of my current work is in the area of abstract polytopes. A list of my published works.
  • An appendix to a paper Daniel Pellicer and I wrote on the minimal coverings of the Archimedean tilings by regular abstract polytopes discussing why the core for the tiling ( is the normal closure of two generators.

Personal Information

Learn more about what I and my family are up to. You can also follow me on twitter or Tumblr, though unless you are related to me, I can't imagine why you would do any of those things.

Other Projects and Interests

I'm very interested in the intersection between mathematics and art. I maintain a site debunking mathematics myths. I'm also interested in projects dedicated to using mathematics to advance social justice. I'm not involved, but this one sure looks cool! 

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Caveat Emptor

I apologize that the look of the linked sites I maintain is so incoherent, someday when I have time I'll come up with a master plan and implement it everywhere, but in the meantime, hodge-podge is the order of the day. This site is definitely a work in progress, and always will be. 

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