Sense of Presence

Submission 1: Intro to AK Salmon Culture 
Jim Seeland submits this video clip which introduces students to his course, outlines his expectations and in general lets students meet him in person. He states that he created the video like this because he didn't want to fuss with video editing, he wanted it informal, not scripted and, by nature, he wanted it to be a little silly. He uploaded to YouTube and placed the link into the "Announcements" area of Blackboard.

YouTube Video

Submission 2: Intro to Fisheries
Joel Markis sends this video clip that was shot in September and uploaded to YouTube. He says, there's more coming!

YouTube Video

Submission 3: Designing and Teaching an Online Course 
Kathi Baldwin shares that she uses Blackboard's Announcement page to help establish her presence in the course and to build her online persona. Here's a short Flash file explaining her use of the announcement page in the first few weeks of ED593.
Click here for video

Submission 4: Special Topics: Change Management
Charla Brown shares this spymaster video. If you recall her banner also had this Mission Impossible theme also. She begins by telling them that they have an encrypted message from Interpol. This is followed by watching a Mission Impossible clip which they then relate back to change management.

Charla also mentions that at the beginning of the course she asks everyone to text her name, class and location. She then has a conversation with each student via text, learning where they work, what their emphasis is, and when they plan to graduate. This establishes an immediate bond and direct communication link. Anytime she wants to communicate with a student, she scrolls up to this first message which has all of their information. Although she has 120 online students, this helps her to get to know each student better and for them to know that she is a real person who cares about each one of them individually.

click here for video

Submission 5: ED393 Special Topics
Ann Spehar gives an example of using videos to respond to questions and to point things out in her course. She began by having synchronous Google Hangout sessions. However students were not responding to these sessions so she switched to creating videos to respond to their questions and provided short video clips instead.

Ann used Screencast-O-Matic to create these videos. Take a look at 2 short examples, the first showing where the instructions to a quiz are located, the second providing a short update on how things are going and an overview of the upcoming material. 

Example 1            Example 2