Welcome to Digital Storytelling, SP '15

ED 677 is an elective course that is part of the UAF School of Education M.Ed. in Online Innovation and Design (ONID). Prerequisites include ED 431 (Web 2.0 Fundamentals), ED 432 (Fundamentals of Media Design), and ED 654 (Digital Citizenship). ED 654 may be taken concurrently. See the ONID Course Descriptions for more information. Permission of the instructor is required for non degree-seeking individuals, who will need to demonstrate facility with the content of the prerequisite courses.

This is a cohort-based course. You will be required to participate in a social network of your cohort members using various tools to share your work and review others' work, and your final portfolio will be shared publicly. Peer review is a major emphasis.

This site will serve as the main hub for instruction this semester. On the sidebar you'll find links to all course assignments, project descriptions, and scoring guides. The syllabus will provide information on required texts, grading policies, and other important course-related information. Please familiarize yourself with this document as soon as possible.

Getting Started

Refer to the Getting Started page on the sidebar for information and instructions on how to begin work toward the course. Please contact me with any questions or comments.
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