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Google Docs Survey

Weeks 9 - 10
Twitter hashtag #mitigdocs
Diigo tag mitigdocs
Readings Chapters 6-8 of The World is Open

Create a Google Docs survey that you will submit to your cohort. The survey should cover some aspect of open resources, portals, or participatory technologies as covered in The World is Open--e.g., experiences with various portals or services, awareness of various tools, level of comfort in specific areas, etc. You may do a broad survey of technologies (e.g., open source software) or you may concentrate on a specific topic (e.g., Second Life). Your survey should be comprised of at least 12 related questions and should include examples of multiple choice, checkbox, choose from a list, and scaled response questions. 

You are encouraged, but not required, to submit this survey to colleagues outside of your ED 493 cohort, including extended members of your PLN, classmates, etc. You're welcome to clear the topic with me beforehand if you have questions, but this is not required.

Reflect on the data that you collect by summarizing your findings and creating charts that display and support your reflections. Your reflection should include a short statement of your impression of this method of conducting surveys as a way to collect and disseminate information professionally or instructionally. Embed the spreadsheet in a page on your blog titled “Google Docs Survey.” Once your reflection has been reviewed and revised, publish it in your portfolio on a page titled “Google Docs Survey.”

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These videos will give you an overview of Google Docs forms (YouTube):

These videos from Atomic Learning will give you a thorough tutorial on using Google Forms. Not all tutorials are necessary for this project, but f you are not familiar with Google Docs or spreadsheets in general there is good information here.