Welcome to ED 432 Fundamentals of Media Design.

ED 432 is designed as an introduction to the UAF School of Education M.Ed. in Online Innovation and Design (ONID) program. This course is to be taken after or concurrent with ED 431 Web 2.0 Fundamentals. Completion of this course (available to undergraduates) is a requirement of the ONID program. 

This is a cohort-based course. You will be required to participate in a social network of your cohorts using various tools to share your work and review others' work, and your final portfolio will be shared publicly. Peer review is a major emphasis. The network and procedures established in ED 431 Web 2.0 Fundamentals will continue with this course.

This site will serve as the main hub for instruction this semester. On the sidebar you'll again find links to all course assignments, project descriptions, and evaluation rubrics. The syllabus will provide information on assignments, grading policies, and other important course-related information.

Please feel free to contact me at any time. My contact information is listed on the sidebar.