Week One: Portfolios

September 13 - 15, 2010

Being There

"When I took office, only high energy physicists had ever heard of what is called the Worldwide Web.... Now even my cat has its own page." Bill Clinton


It is increasingly important to be able to publish information on the web, whether it is for personal or professional purposes. Teachers in particular need effective and time-saving ways to communicate with parents, post assignments, and provide resources for parents, students, and colleagues. It is also professionally important to have a positive web presence for potential employers. As of this writing, more than eighty percent of US companies check a potential employee's Facebook page for background information.


Over the course of the semester, you will create and maintain a portfolio using Google Sites. This is not an "official" portfolio and does not take the place of your work samples, although you are free to include those in your portfolio if you want. Your filter for portfolio content should be professional and not personal. Content should relate to your experiences in ED 329 and other pursuits related to your teaching degree and future profession.

Your portfolio will include:
  1. A photo of you for the sidebar, sized correctly. (We'll cover this in Week 2.)
  2. A personal statement of your teaching and technology goals for the main (home) page.
  3. An original logo created (see Week Two: Graphics) for your portfolio site. (We'll cover this in Week 2.)
  4. A Navigation section with links to all of your assignment pages, with correct page names as described in each assignment. (You may want to configure these pages as sub-pages under an "ED 329 FA 10" page, which can be done at any time.)
  5. A section on the sidebar called "Links" on which you'll create a link to:
    1. ED 329 Sp 10 web site
    2. Blackboard
    3. Links to your Twitter, YouTube and Diigo accounts, and optionally any other social networks (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn) in which you participate.
    4. (optionally) to any other sites or pages that you'd like to include--work samples, photos, relevant online resources, etc.
  6. Optionally, any other sidebar elements or widgets that you feel are appropriate.
Remember that the filter for content should be professional--what do you want a colleague or potential employer to see?

Resources (iTunes U)

These videos are also available on Youtube.

Example Portfolios

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