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VoiceThread Project


"If people aren't taught the language of sound and images, shouldn't they be considered as illiterate as if they left college without being able to read or write?" George Lucas


In this project you will learn to use VoiceThread, an online "group conversation" tool, to create an online interactive story using images, audio (voice) and (optionally) video and text. This project should be public (accessed by anyone) and you should allow comments on your story. You will also be expected to contribute voice comments to a classmate's project.


Establish a free account on VoiceThread, then join the ED 329 class group on VoiceThread. Create an online narrative story that includes a series of images and voice narration from you that tells the story. Your project should include:

  1. At least three original digital photographs or drawings (or photos used in accordance with copyright restrictions);
  2. a clear audio narrative.
Additionally, you will:
  1. Embed your VoiceThread project in your portfolio on a new page titled "VoiceThread Project;"
  2. Create a link on that page to your original VoiceThread project;
  3. Leave a voice comment on a classmate's project;
  4. Create a link to their VoiceThread page in your own portfolio page.

Reflect on your own performance on this project and on the potential of this tool for K-12 teaching and learning on your web page for this assignment. Your reflection will include:

  1. a self-evaluation on your performance on this project--how do you think your performance relates to the standards presented in the rubric?
  2. at least two potential applications for students (how could students use this tool?)
  3. at least one potential professional or instructional application (how could you use this tool for instruction or professional interaction?)
  4. any cautions or potential issues that might arise from the use of this tool in a classroom setting
  5. a short statement of your comfort level with using the tool in your preferred setting.


Resources (iTunes U)

Resources (Atomic Learning)

Resources (Web)

Evaluation Rubric

  0-1 Points 2 Points 3 Points 4 Points
Writing Standards Spelling and usage errors are present (0)     No spelling or usage errors are present
Project narrative Narrative is unclear or unrelated to the content of the project (1) Narrative is somewhat clear but needs substantial improvement. Narrative is mostly clear but needs some improvement. Narrative is clear, thoughtful, and complete.
Embedding Project is not embedded on your portfolio page (0)
    Project is embedded on your portfolio page.
Comments Comment on classmate's thread is missing (0)
You've commented on a classmate's project, but the comment is superfluous or needs to be improved. You've commented thoroughly and thoughtfully on a classmate's project.
Links Link to classmate's project is missing from your portfolio page OR link to your original project is missing (0)   Links do not work OR links are formed incorrectly Working links to a classmate's project and to your original are included on your portfolio page.
Portfolio Reflection Reflection is late or is not submitted (0) Reflection is submitted but it does not show evidence of thoughtful reflection on the task. Reflection is mostly thoughtful but it may be missing a required element (student application or personal comfort level) Reflection is thoughtful and addresses all required elements.
 Self-evaluation Self-evaluation is missing (0) Self-evaluation is present but does not show understanding of the task or present a realistic assessment of your performance Self-evaluation is mostly thoughtful but does not present a completely realistic assessment of your performance Self-evaluation shows thoughtful and thorough understanding of the task and how your performance relates to the standards