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Welcome to ED 329, "Teaching with Technology"

Everything that we do in this class is a metaphor for what will happen when you walk into your own classroom, close the door, face 20-plus students under your care, and have to decide how to use the technology that you inherit or bring with you--or perhaps the technology that the students bring with them. The likelihood that you will have some sort of support structure around you is remote; most of the students, coming from households that are media-rich compared to most classrooms, probably already know a lot about technology—but not necessarily about appropriate uses in a classroom setting. Then there are those students with little or no access to technology where they live…

More importantly, even though you will inherit desks, books, some curriculum guides, and some technology appliances, you won’t inherit an instructional methodology. How your class functions will depend entirely on you. Will you be a “read-the-chapter-and-answer-the-questions” type of teacher? Will you put your computers at the back of the classroom with a schedule taped to the side so that students can use them when they are finished with their work? Will you adopt a constructivist, project-based methodology in which technology becomes both ubiquitous and transparent?

There won’t be anyone there to tell you how to teach your class. You’ll have to make those decisions yourself. The goal of this class is to equip you with knowledge, tools, ideas, and confidence in using technology tools to make your classroom a powerful, effective teaching and learning space.

This isn't a class about technology; it's about teaching and learning. Context is everything...

Are You Ready? Preparing Your Technology

You'll need to make sure that your laptop can read a variety of online media that we'll be accessing and creating. Please visit this page before the first class meeting and make sure your laptop's software is up to date and that you have a current UA Google account.

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