Life at Friday Creek



Team Steve

Paulina Devlin is a junior from Brighton, Michigan. Apart from science, she also loves nature, hiking, art, dancing with Ann Arbor Ballet Theatre, and family and friends.

Ophelia George
is a 2nd year Master student at the UAF Geophysical Institute. There, her research focuses on deep seismic events beneath arc volcanoes. Her field experiences include summer field work on Bezymianny volcano, Kamchatka, Russia as well as hiking trips to Death Valley, California, Katmai National Park, Alaska, and several local hotspots on the island of Dominca where she grew up.

Erik Grazulis Is a sophomore at Colony High School, Palmer Alaska.  He enjoys hiking, skiing and the outdoors in general. 

Allison Karagory is a freshman in high school from LaPorte, Indiana. She loves art, reading, and has been playing piano for nine years.

Casey Reilly is a senior at West Valley High School, in Fairbanks, Alaska.  He enjoys reading, gaming, hiking, and swimming. 

Emily Sexton is a senior in high school from Sudbury, Massachusetts. She loves dance, golf, skiing, and hiking.

Mariah Ver Hoef is a senior in high school and takes classes at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. She enjoys science and the outdoors, and has published several albums of original music.

Mike West
is a research assistant professor of volcano seismology at the Geophysical Institute's Alaska Volcano Observatory. He particularly enjoys any activities that allow him to explore the Alaskan wilderness. The ASRA earthquakes module is a great chance to explore one of the most interesting tectonic areas of the country. The Denali field work is Mike's idea of heaven: a mix of science and outdoors, and camping with bright interesting people.