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Set Up

Choosing a location: 

There were many considerations when choosing a location for a seismic station. Sounds translates into the ground in waves that can be picked up by seismometers. To minimize this excess "noise" from our data it was important to consider the different possible sources of sound, such as rivers, roads, air traffic, wind, and wildlife. We also took into account the wetness of the soil for stability. Because we were in a national park, we followed the "Leave No Trace" policy by choosing pre-disturbed and secluded sites.

Breakout box cable
Computer cable
Firewire computer cable
Power cable
GPS cable
GPS antenna
12 vdc battery
Waterproof bag
Watertight case


1. Choose an appropriate location.
2. Prepare the site by digging a hole large enough to contain the seismometer.
3. Place the seismometer in the waterproof bag and place it into the hole.
4. Orient the seismometer towards geographic north.
5. Connect the seismometer to the breakout box cable.
6. Set the GPS antenna in an open location where it has a clear view of the sky.
7. Connect the GPS cable to the antenna and to the breakout box.
8. Test the the output of the battery. The voltage should be between 12.5 and 13.5.
9. Attach power cable to battery and check the polarity.
10. Test the polarity at the power cable to connector, pin A- to B+. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!
11. Connect the power cable to the breakout box and listen for the click in the seismometer.
12. Connect the computer cable to the breakout box and the laptop.
13. Create a name specific to the station and name the device in seismic program (SCREAM).
14. Confirm the GPS setting on SCREAM.
15. Perform a "stomp test" to verify that the seismometer is working correctly.
16. Disconnect the computer cable.
17. Cover the seismometer completely with dirt, rocks, etc.
18. Cover the cables to ensure that they are protected from weather and wildlife.
19. Latch the watertight box to protect the battery and remaining electronics.

Note: The firewire cable is not necessary in this configuration.