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Global Earthquake

At 2009206 1:44:51 UTC (July 25, at 5:44:51pm),  an earthquake with magnitude 5.6 (the largest earthquake ever seen by ASRA's Earthquakes Module) was recorded shaking strong for about three minutes . The earthquake started in the Gulf of Alaska at 2009206 1:43:40 UTC at a depth of 10.4 km and about 566 km from station AYURT. Traveling at about 28,800 kilometers per hour, the earthquake only took about 71 seconds to reach most of our sensors. An earthquake of this magnitude can be picked up by sensors all over the world, which is why it is called a global earthquake.

This event was unique because unlike other earthquakes, which tend to be short and have less uniform readings, it lasted over three minutes and was amazingly uniform.This event was also unique because of its strength, even after traveling 566 km it still showed up clearly over all the background noise and vibrations.

Data from the Earthquake