Food Policy

I have had the fortune of working with a variety of dedicated individuals involved in sustainable food systems for over fifteen years as a grower, advocate, policymaker and researcher.  My educational experiences -- a PhD in Anthropology with dissertation fieldwork on Tohono O’odham food systems, JD with focus in agricultural and intellectual property rights law, and MS in Sustainable Systems with focus on agroecology -- all inform my multidisciplinary approach to food systems.  These educational experiences have been supplemented by work experience on a variety of farms in Pennsylvania (Market Garden and Community Supported Agriculture operations), West Virginia (Lightstone Foundation & Farm Demonstration Center), Florida (organic blueberry farm) and Arizona (Native Seeds/SEARCH) as well as policymaking and development experience (as a Program Assistant in the Global Program for Food Security and Agriculture at the United Nations Development Program; as part of a team of lawyers and law students drafting the access to genetic resources law for Cuba; volunteering for Eco-Yoff/CRESP, a local NGO in Yoff, Senegal; and as a member of the Alaska Food Policy Council).  At the University of Alaska Fairbanks I have led teams of graduate and undergraduate student researchers to explore the Fairbanks food system, including projects on food assistance, food deserts, community-supported agriculture, and food preferences and consumption patterns.   

Related Publications:

In Progress (with Robert Bowman) "Mapping Subsistence and Food Production into Food Deserts: Space and food in the Fairbanks North Star Borough" 

In Progress (with Rachel Garcia and Philip Loring) "Community-Supported Agriculture in Interior Alaska" 

In Press (with Philip Loring) "Nutritional and Cultural Transitions in Alaska Native Food Systems: Legacies of Colonialism, Contested Innovation, and Rural-Urban Linkages." In Doing Nutrition Differently: Critical Approaches to Diet/Dietary Interventions. Mike Goodman, ed. Ashgate.

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Related Presentations

Chair and Presenter, “Mapping Subsistence and Production in the Fairbanks Food Desert,” Session: Food Deserts and Food Access. 2011 Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers, Seattle, Washington.

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