Spring 2013: ENGL 608--Studies in British Literature after 1900--Bodies

Wednesdays, 6-9 PM

This seminar will explore significant texts in twentieth-century British literature (as well as some texts from other national literatures) by focusing on their figuration of bodies:  animal, insect, human, and posthuman bodies;  abject, disciplined, diseased, gendered, grotesque, repressed, sexual, and surreal bodies.  Primary readings will include Oscar Wilde’s Salome;  Djuna Barnes’s The Book of Repulsive Women and Nightwood;  Franz Kafka’s "The Metamorphosis" and "In the Penal Colony;"  James Joyce’s Ulysses;  W.B. Yeats’s poetry;  Imagist poetry by Ezra Pound, H.D., and Amy Lowell;  T.S. Eliot’s “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” and The Waste Land;  Radclyffe Hall’s “Miss Ogilvy Finds Herself;”  Virginia Woolf’s Orlando;  Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber;  and Jeanette Winterson’s Sexing the Cherry.  Secondary readings will provide historical context, as well as expose students to a variety of feminist, Foucauldian, phenomenological, psychoanalytic, queer, and transgender perspectives on embodiment.