Information for Graduate Students

I welcome inquiries from prospective M.A. students that are seeking supervision in my areas of expertise:  British, American, and Continental European literatures from modernism to the present;  theory;  and women’s, gender, and sexuality studies.  These are the subjects I teach at the upper-division and graduate levels (courses numbered 300 through 600).  I am also open to serving as a secondary committee member for M.F.A. theses in all genres, as well as for M.A. theses in other areas. 

Interdisciplinary Ph.D. students are welcome to approach me about serving on their committee after having successfully completed one of my 600-level courses.

I do not direct theses in subjects that I only cover at the introductory undergraduate level (courses numbered 100 through 200).  Prospective graduate students in those areas are invited to contact the Chair of the English Department to be directed to faculty with appropriate expertise.