Center for Arctic Policy Studies

Policy makers need reliable and timely information about the Arctic, a region of rapid environmental, economic, and societal change.

University of Alaska (UA) scholars possess a wealth of Arctic knowledge and expertise spread across multiple disciplines. The Center for Arctic Policy Studies (CAPS) is bringing together that knowledge and expertise to more readily serve policy makers in the Arctic. CAPS is based at the UAF International Arctic Research Center but includes experts on all UA campuses.

CAPS facilitates sharing of UA expertise in Arctic issues—ranging from natural resources to engineering to political science—with policy- and decision- makers.

In 2017, CAPS convened leaders from the Governor's office; Federal agencies; the Alaska Federation of Natives; and the Inuit Circumpolar Council, Alaska at UAF to consider how they could better work together to manage resources in a time of rapid change. Participants are considering a bold plan to explore and envision new, inclusive structures that could meet management challenges—amplified through rapid change—by combining the strengths of indigenous, State, and Federal managers.

Listening is key to better connecting scholarship with policy. CAPS encourages University scholars to take guidance from policy makers. Thus, policy makers can help the University improve as a purveyor of knowledge in practical terms.

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