Port Valdez Environmental Studies

Welcome to the webpage for long-termĀ  environmental studies in Port Valdez.

Port Valdez is a gem among the fjords of Alaska. It is a deepwater fjord located in Prince William Sound and is famous among Alaskans for its salmon fishing. It is also the site of the marine oil terminal where North Slope crude oil is loaded onto tankers for shipment to west coast ports. Ballast water from incoming tankers is treated onshore and disposed of into Port Valdez via an underwater diffuser pipeline. Environmental monitoring of the sediments to assess potential affects from the disposal of treated ballast waters in Port Valdez has occurred since 1987. Monitoring efforts currently focus on subtidal sediment hydrocarbons and biota. Past projects have included intertidal assessments of flora and fauna with emphasis on the mussel Mytilus trossulus and limpets.

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