Meet the Scientist- Dr. Kenji Yoshikawa

Dr. Kenji Yoshikawa is an associate professor in the Water and Environmental Research Center at UAF; he is actively engaged in geophysical, geothermal, hydrologic and permafrost research throughout Alaska. Yoshikawa has aggressively pursued the goals of the Permafrost outreach program and developed good working relationships between the involved science and education communities. In 2008, he toured rural Alaska on snow machine and set up a system of monitoring permafrost and soil active layer at location close over a hundred schools. Kenji also runs a reindeer farm for fun! Read more about Kenji's research.


Kenji has worked to produce a series of videos about permafrost and the soil active layer monitoring program that he has throughout Alaska and around the world. The videos all featuring his superhero alter ego "Tunnel Man," whose name comes from a site near Fairbanks called the permafrost tunnel, where scientists and visitors can walk deep into the earth to view permafrost and amazing artifacts preserved there frozen for thousands of years. Watch some of the videos below:

Tunnel Man Episode 1

Tunnel Man Frost Tube

Katie Spellman,
Jul 12, 2017, 12:28 PM