ASSW 2017

Arctic in Rapid Transition at the Arctic Science Summit Week 2017

ART will have a sub-session at the Arctic Science Summit Week 2017 session entitled Sustainability Challenges and Monitoring in Times of Arctic Rapid Transition held in Prague, Czech Republic from March 31st to April 7th, 2017. The first circular can be found here. Abstract submission will be opening soon.

The ART sub-session "Arctic in Rapid Transition” in Times of Global Change - Global Impacts on the Arctic Marine Environment and Coastal Communities will be one of three sub-sessions concerning future challeges of Arctic sustainability.

Session description:

Global environmental change and socio-economic processes and behaviour affect Arctic marine ecosystems and coastal communities. "Western" consumption patterns already have far reaching consequences on Arctic marine environments and living conditions. Air and water pollution as well as food source contaminants from lower latitudes affect Arctic peoples’ health. Global changes bear climate-related risks for infrastructure and resource extraction such as permafrost thaw and coastal erosion. (Geo)political events potentially affect cooperation on Arctic environmental, economic and social development. In this subsection, the Arctic in Rapid Transition (ART) initiative aims to shed light on impacts of global change processes on the Arctic from an inter- and transdisciplinary perspective. We seek input from various fields in Arctic research including climate and atmospheric science, marine ecology, oceanography, engineering, economics, governance, political science, sociology and anthropology. During the session, we aim for a lively discussion between early career researchers, representatives of various indigenous communities, and stakeholder groups on how global developments and climate-related changes impact Arctic marine ecosystems and coastal communities. In particular, we welcome Arctic inhabitants to participate in the session and share their perspectives and narratives about how recent changes in Arctic coastal areas impact their lives.

For more information regarding the session you may contact the session conveners: 

Kathrin Keil         Kathrin.Keil[at]

Michael Fritz        Michael.Fritz[at]

Liza Mack             Lmack2[at]