Special Issue in Polar Research

The Polar Research Thematic Cluster: The Arctic in Rapid Transition – Marine Ecosystems is now available 
here. As a result of the 
workshop "Overcoming Challenges of Observation to Model Integration in Marine Ecosystem Response to Sea Ice Transitions" jointly organized by ART and the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists which took place at the Institute of Oceanology, Polish Academy of Sciences in Sopot in 2012, various linkages and feedbacks between atmosphere–ice–ocean forcing and biogeochemical processes critical for ecosystem function, land–ocean interactions and the productive capacity of the Arctic Ocean have been identified in seven manuscripts mutually written by the ART community: „The papers examine the climate change impacts on various ecosystem elements, providing important insights on the marine ecological and biogeochemical processes on various timescales.“ (from Kedra et al., 2015, Foreword to the thematic cluster: the Arctic in Rapid Transition - marine ecosystems)