Related Activities

Effects of Climate Change on the Arctic Benthos (ECOTAB)

The overarching goal of this study is to investigate how climate-induced changes in biological (food sources) and environmental conditions will impact the Arctic benthos. This project will combine existing data, new field data, and a new experimental approach which will test various scenarios of food (i.e. high food quality, low food quality) and environmental parameters (pH, salinity, temperature) therefore improving understanding of present state Arctic coastal ecosystem function, and prediction of possible feedback scenarios of the ecosystem to changes in a less ice-rich Arctic due to climate warming.

The work will be separated in 4 tasks:
  • Task 1: Description in great details of the seasonal variability in pelagic-benthic coupling, combining both pelagic and benthic perspectives
  • Task 2: Study experimentally the impact of changes in food quality for the benthos
  • Task 3: Study experimentally the impact of changes in temperature, pH and salinity, on key bivalves species
  • Task 4: Development and calibration of models of carbon and energy fluxes in the ecosystem and in the key bivalves species

Please contact Natalie Morata for more information.

Green Edge

The Green Edge research project is a four year project that will be launched in April 2014. The objective of the Green Edge project is to understand the dynamics of the  phytoplankton spring bloom (PSB) and determine its role in the Arctic Ocean of tomorrow, including for human populations. Project goals will be addressed by  monitoring a PSB event in Baffin Bay from its onset under melting ice in May to its conclusion in the seasonal ice zone in July. Physical, chemical and biological properties will be described at various scales.