Past Activities

ART sponsored a special session on polar processes and biogeochemical cycles during the 2012 International Polar Year Conference, From Knowledge to Action, held in Montreal, Canada from 22–27 April 2012.

Session 1.1.3 Polar Processes and Global Biogeochemical Cycles

The Anthropocene is a time of extraordinary change in Polar Regions. Unprecedented variability in the rates, timings and magnitudes of change in the cryosphere, atmosphere, lithosphere and dependent variability in ecosystem function have been experienced. These rapid environmental transitions have major influence on biogeochemical processes that are fundamental to regional ecosystem dynamics and productivity. However, changes in the cryosphere will not only affect the local energy balance, hydrology and element cycling but have wide global implications over multiple timescales.

This session addressed the impact of change in Polar Regions on biogeochemistry, with a focus on integrative studies that aim at resolving the past, present and future interrelations between polar processes and global biogeochemical cycles.

Convenor: Søren Rysgaard (Denmark/Canada)
Co-convenors: David Barber (Canada), Ronnie Glud (Denmark), Torben R. Christensen (Greenland/Sweden), Casper Tai Christiansen (Denmark) and Alexandre Forest (Canada)