Polar Research ART Special Issue

ART-related papers are now published in Polar Research (Thematic Cluster: The Arctic in Rapid Transition - Marine Ecosystems). This collection of manuscripts is the result of the joint ART-APECS Science Workshop in Sopot, Poland.

Helen S. Findlay, Georgina Gibson, Monika Kędra, Nathalie Morata, Monika Orchowska, Alexey K. Pavlov, Marit Reigstad, Anna Silyakova, Jean-Éric Tremblay, Waldemar Walczowski, Agata Weydmann, Christie Logvinova (2015) Responses in Arctic marine carbon cycle processes: conceptual scenarios and implications for ecosystem function. Polar Research, 34, 24252, http://dx.doi.org/10.3402/polar.v34.24252

Links to additional manuscripts will be posted as they become available on-line. Check back soon for more information.