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Sine Anahita at the Really Free Market 2010.
In the winter, when it's too cold and dark to play outside, I often spend my time blogging or updating other sites. When I can pry the household bass player away from the computer, that is. Ze is a Facebooker, so it's often difficult to get computer time at our home.  
This photo of me was taken by Todd Paris, the official photographer for the University of Alaska Fairbanks. I especially appreciate this photo because I can see my father's spirit peeking out of my expression. Daddy, like me, hated having his picture taken. This photo is from the 2010 Really Free Market, an annual freecycle event on the University of Alaska campus. The Really Free Jam Band, comprised mostly of members of the Ester Jelly Jam, is the unofficially official house band for the Really Free Market.
Please cruise the links below to get a feel for my interests. Thanks for visiting! 
Ester Jelly Jam
The official website of the Ester Jelly Jam, our jam group who meets weekly in downtown Ester to play old time music. Mostly. I am the primary organizer for the Ester Jelly Jam, although I did not create the name. That honor belongs to long-time Ester community activist and Purple Prose Publisher Deirdre Helfferich. I am the webmistress for this site, so any errors are my fault entirely.
Beyond Ester
A blog about our home on the edge of the Alaska wilderness. Mostly happy posts, some posts about the awesomeness of living in Alaska, and a few posts about losing a beloved member of my family. Lots of great pix of creatures who share our neighborhood.
Sociology is a Journey
Here is the blog that I used for my SOC 100X classes in Fall 2010. There are some interesting items that I briefly analyze sociologically to demonstrate to the students how useful the sociological imagination is. Sociology rocks, and I just had to say that.
Old Ridge Trail Neighbors
Every once in awhile, an issue arises in our neighborhood that calls for action. This is an on-again-off-again blog for that purpose.  
Rural Sociology at UAF 2010
This blog was co-written by my students and me for my Rural Sociology class a few semesters ago. I keep it going mainly so I can visit the fish and feed them.
Boycott California
For two years, I boycotted the state of California because of Prop 8. I haven't posted on this site for a couple of years, but I share it here because the Prop 8 Musical is so hilarious.
Here is an old blog, my very first. I used it primarily as a test blog for the iTeach workshop I went to, and now it's main utility is as a home for clips from my documentary film, "Race Stories."
Bold Moon
I lived there for many many years. Invested many tears, much sweat, and more than a little blood into building a life on the land. For many years, I/we kept hens, goats, gardens, fruit trees, love for the land and each other... The old time tune, "Sweet Sunny South" says it well: "Well they say the path to our cottage has gone green. Can it be that the old house is gone?" A few years ago, the land became part of a greenbelt, the open space program of Guilford County, NC. Here is a neat article about the Open Space program that features a photograph of the little river upon which my life circled. Only the house is gone. the spirit of the land (and the henhouse and goat shed, it seems ;) are still there. And, as my friend Pat notes, there are probably still black snakes in the henhouse.