Sine Anahita, PhD

Alaska's Fiddling Sociologist 
photo of Sine Anahita playing with Ester Jelly Jam at Calypso Farm in July, 2013
I was born and raised in North Carolina, obtained my PhD in Sociology in Iowa, and became an Alaskan in 2003. For most of my adult life in North Carolina, I lived in the country on a river. (Click here to see a photograph.) I miss that river more than anything else from NC, but I also miss Joy Brand Yellow Self-Rising Cornmeal, lightning bugs, crickets, thunderstorms, whippoorwills, humidity, and hot weather. From Iowa I miss the black soil, endless views of soybeans and cornfields, the subtle beauty of the prairies, blizzards that pile snow up above the housetops, and beloved friends and family. I do not miss ticks, chiggers, black widow spiders, or poisonous snakes. I love small town community life, and find that living beyond Ester out in the woods suits me just fine.
I live in on the edge of the Alaska wilderness in a quirky old homestead community filled with quirky homesteading neighbors. Quirky
myself, I love my life here. I have no internet at home, but I do have cats and a dog, thousands of books, a dozen musical instruments, 70 acres, and good friends and neighbors.
There are moose, birds, fox, lynx, black bear, and other wildlife everywhere, and wildlife sightings in the yard are a common, everyday experience. To indulge my green thumb, I garden in a greenhouse, mostly raising heirloom lettuces and greens. I took up the fiddle the year I got tenure, and to my utter delight found other people who like to play old time music.  I fiddle when I can, and play every Sunday with a dozen other musicians in the community hall in Ester. Recently, I took up sociological songwriting and learned to play guitar and mandolin.
I teach and research organized inequalities--how organizations, states, and institutions organize social inequality based on race, class, sex, sexuality, gender, age, spatiality, looks, dis/ability, and other markers of difference. I especially enjoy teaching courses on gender, sexualities, race and ethnic relations, rurality, social movements, introductory sociology courses, and research methods. I enjoy helping to empower students to do their own, original research and creative thinking on topics about which they are passionate. I am affiliated with Sociology, Northern Studies, and Women's and Gender Studies at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.