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**Post-workshop Activities

Products from the Workshop:

1) National Ocean Policy – prepare comment: Alice Smoker

2) Press release – on workshop  - target Indigenous newspapers as well as regional ones – rural Alaska has one corporation for all rural community papers: Megan Peterson & Michael Kohan, Abby Jones & Shereena (help with highlight too)

3) Highlight for IGERT & NSF website: Kaitlin Keagan, Laci Gerhart, Kimbo Maher, Cat Chambers

4) Letter of support for UN Declaration on the rights of indigenous people  - how to do science - submit to National Academy for Engineering & National Academy of Sciences:  Dan Wildcat & Karen Mager

5) Organize a polar/indigenous/IGERT session at SACNAS: Alexis Hall, Shelley Woods,  Liza Mack, Julia Bradley-Cook, Ross Virginia, Simone Whitecloud

6) Frontiers of Interdisciplinary & Community based Arctic research – paper (like SEARCH document – guide future research): Chris Polashenski will start it – others add to it

7) Create a map with all the communities we work in: Julia Bradley-Cook

8) Create a facebook page – to keep in touch – make announcements: Shelley Woods & Alexis Hall