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Field Trips

There are three field trip options, please indicate on the signups page which one you would like to do so that we may make arrangements. 

1) Alaska State Museum
The museum is a short (couple block) walk from the meeting venue and hotel.  We have arranged a docent who will provide a tour of the state museum to meeting participants. 
Alaska Native material is the most outstanding part of the museum collection. Items from daily life as well as ceremonial objects and archaeological material represent all major cultural groups.  The tour will begin with the "Science on a Sphere" projection system with maps and imagery followed by a tour of the collections on indigenous cultures of Alaska. A more involved presentation on the 3-D unit with animated data sets of particular interest to workshop participants (such as temperature changes and sea ice history) can be arranged. You will have time after the tour to explore on your own.

If there is time following this tour, participants could walk to the Juneau-Douglas museum or visit other downtown attractions.

2) Hiking field trip at Mendenhall Glacier
A bus will pick you up at the meeting at 1:30pm and drive from downtown through the valley to the parking lot at the Mendenhall Glacier (arrive approx 2pm).  Participants will be picked up at 4:30pm and have the interim time to hike and explore the area.  The bus will return to the hotel by 5pm.  Hike along existing trails or walk across the lake to the glacier. (The USFS warns that lake ice is unstable at all times, and the glacier has been known to calve in winter.  Participants should not approach the glacier face nor get close to icebergs).  Participants should be fully dressed for the weather.  The USFS Visitor Center is (unfortunately) not open on Wednesday.

3) Glacier visit plus tour
If you would like to briefly visit the glacier and see other sights, then this trip is for you.  A bus will pick you up at the meeting and take you around town, with stops at the glacier (30-45 minutes to see the glacier, take photos, etc), the fish hatchery, and the university. The bus will wait at all locations.  The bus will return to the hotel by 5pm.