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Common Questions to Boil Water                
I have already taken the water. I'm going to be sick?

Most people who drink this water will not get sick. If you get sick, the symptoms are: nausea, diarrhea, stomach pains, and maybe low fever.

What do I do if I have symptoms?

The most important thing is to avoid dehydration. Drink plenty of fluids and avoid caffeinated beverages, such as soda, coffee or tea. If you are concerned about your health or that of a relative, talk to your doctor.

What kind of pollution or n may have water?

Many kinds of microbes can be in the water. Those in charge of water systems worry about bacteria ( E. coli ), viruses (norovirus), and parasites ( Cryptosporidium ). Human disease of these microbes results mostly from eating raw or undercooked foods, recreational waters or non-chlorinated water, or lack of good hand washing. The diarrhea that comes out of these microbes does not threaten one's life, but in cases of the elderly, very young children, and people with weak immune systems. If you have questions, talk to your doctor. 

During the order to boil water, how do I make my water safe?

Llene a una olla con agua y calientéla hasta que hierve en forma contínua por 3 minutos. Apague la cocina y deje que se enfrie el agua.  Ponga el agua en algo limpio, como jarro con tapa, para guardala.

Y qué de preparar comidas?

Los insumos se deben de lavar, preparar, y cocinar solo con agua embotellada o agua hervida según las instrucciones de arriba. Utilize agua hervida para preparar bebidas como café, té y limonada. 

Es segura el agua filtrada?

Hierva al agua, aunque sea filtrada. Los filtros no quitan las bacterias or víruses.

Cómo doy de comer a mi bébé? 

Es mejor amamantárlo. Continue de amamantar. Si esto no es opción para Ud., utilize fórmula lista-para-comer cuando sea posible.  Si hay que usar formula en polvo o concentrada, hágala con agua embotellada o hervida.  Lave y desinfecte a las mamilas y tetas en agua limpia (embotellada o hervida) antes de usarlas. Si Ud. no puede desinfectar a las mamilas, intente de usar las que vienen con una porción de fórmula adentro, lista para comer.

Está bién el hielo de mi congeladora?

No utilize el hielo de su congeladora, ni de la máquina hielera. Bote todo el hielo que se ha hecho con agua de pila no-hervida. Haga más hielo con agua embotellada o hervida. 

Puedo utilizar la cafetera, la máquina hielera, o  soda dispensador?

No utilize agua de ningúna máquina vinculada al acantarillado de agua, inclusive de dispensadores de agua o hielo en su refrigeradora. Utilize agua hervida o embotellada para preparar café o hielo.  Los filtros no quitan o matan a las bacterias o víruses.  Cuando se alza el orden de hervir agua, consulte al guia de la máquina par desinfectar a ella. 

Es seguro bañárme o duchárme? 

Tenga cuidado de no tomar ninguna agua cuando se bañe o se duche. Considere de darles a los bebés y niños pequeños un baño a toallita, para reducir los riesgos de que tomen al agua.  Adultos con sistemas inmunológicas compromidas deben preguntar de sus medicos si sea seguro el bañarse durante el orden de hervir agua.

Qué de lavárme la boca o afeitárme?

Use agua hervida o embotellada para larvar los dientes. Ud. puede afietarse como siempre.

What do I do with the stripes in which the water came?

Save the gallons to fill at the distribution point where the firefighters at ________. If you have to wash them, be careful to wash them according to the instructions below. Small bottles with a lid can be deposited for recycling at the distribution point. 

How do I wash the dishes?

The laundry is safe if the water reaches a temperature of at least 160 degrees or when it has a sanitizing cycle.

To wash dishes by hand:

1.       Wash and rinse dishes as always with hot water.

2.       In a separate tub, add 1 teaspoon of non-scented chlorine for each gallon of warm water.

3.       Leave the dishes in sanitized water for one minute at minimum.

4.       Let the dishes dry completely in the air.

Do I have to wash my clothes differently?

It is safe to wash clothes as normal.

Do I have to give the boiled water to my pets?

Pets can also get sick with the same diseases as people. It's a good idea to give them the boiled water once it's cooled. Most organisms that make humans sick do not infect reptiles or fish. If the water system uses more chlorine, or if the way of disinfecting is changed, be careful to switch to the water in the aquarium. Contact the massage store or the veterinarian for more information.

Information about your drinking water:


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