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Cyber Patriot V

The fifth CyberPatriot challenge (CP V) is beginning this Fall!  Registration is now open and we already have 33 San Antonio Center of CyberPatriot Excellence area teams registered (out of total of 77 in Texas and 595 nationwide). 
This year we hope to field at least fifty (50) San Antonio area teams for CP V.  To be successful in the competition we will need mentors and help in a variety of other areas.  We ideally would like to have three (3) mentors per registered team to work with the assigned coach for each team.  This will help ensure the teams are as well prepared as possible for the CPV competition! 
We are also seeking corporate sponsors to "Adopt a School" for added support and mentorship.
General Information: 
Visit the Alamo AFA webpage: http://cyber.alamoafa.org/ for a comprehensive overview of the CP IV competition held last year.  San Antonio's very own Information Technology and Security Academy were the National Champions for CP IV!
San Antonio Specific Information: 
E-Mail Distribution List : CyberPatriotMentors@Alamo.issa.org (Restricted to members only)
This list is provided to share best practices and ask questions with other mentors in the San Antonio  Area.  Contact cyberpatriot@alamo.issa.org to be added to the list.
How to get involved this year with CP V: 
  1. Register to become a Mentor at the AFA's National CyberPatriot page:  http://www.uscyberpatriot.org/Pages/default.aspx
  2. Review the list of registered schools in San Antonio and e-mail  cyberpatriot@alamo.issa.org  to volunteer as a Mentor or to have your company "Adopt a School".  Mentors - please submit your top three (3) school choices so that we may assign you to the school with the greatest need.