RTB Pint Glasses

Right To Brew glasses at Straight To Ale in Huntsville
These Right To Brew pint glasses that you have been seeing are awesome, aren't they?  We arranged to have them made and distributed to restaurants, bars, and taprooms around the state in order to raise public awareness of the homebrewing prohibition laws, and our grassroots effort to change them.  The idea is that a pub puts these glasses into their rotation for serving beer to their customers.  Customers read the glass while enjoying their drink, and if they have a smartphone, hop over to this web site where they can sign up for our email newsletter, follow us on Twitter, and/or like us on Facebook.  The more supporters we have tapped into our communications, the more votes for Homebrewing Legalization we will be able to get in the Alabama Legislature when the session starts in less than 3 months.  When a customer finishes their beer, the pub washes the Right To Brew glass, and serves their next customer's beer in the same glass.  By doing it this way, the glasses get the most exposure to the general, beer-loving public.

These pint glasses have been a huge, statewide undertaking by us, and thankfully they have already increased our number of supporters.  It is important that they continue to reach more potential advocates over the next few months, so that is why we need as many as possible to be used in pubs.  That is also why we are not providing them to individuals; as cool as the glasses are, they do not increase our number of supporters if they sit in existing proponents' homes.  We hope everyone can understand that, and recognize that this approach is for the greater good.

Thank you for your support!