Homebrewing Clubs

The Homebrewing legalization effort has been driven by members of all of the clubs that currently exist in the state.  Like clubs created in the interest of other hobbies, homebrewing clubs let Alabamians share information and socialize.  If you are a homebrewer near one of the clubs, then look them up!  You may need to figure out the secret handshake or pass-phrase until we get the hobby legalized (that was a joke, at least a little).  If there is no club in your area, but you know any other homebrewers, why don't you start one yourself?  The American Homebrewers Association has a wealth of information on the subject.

Auburn Brew Club (Lee)
Birmingham Brewmasters (Jefferson)
Carboy Junkies (Jefferson)
Central Alabama Brewers Society (Montgomery)
Cullman Homebrewers (Cullman)
Hopheads (Russell)
LA Lagers (Mobile)
Malty Organisms of Lower Alabama (Houston)
Rocket City Brewers (Madison)
Tuscaloosa Homebrewers (Tuscaloosa)