• In 2008 dozens of members of home brewing clubs across Alabama started exploring what it might take to legalize their hobby.
2009 Homebrew Reception For Legislators
  • During the 2009 Legislative Session, Senator Larry Dixon sponsored SB492, a bill that would legalize homebrewing in Alabama.
  • SB492 was reported favorably out of its Senate committee, but the Session ended before it got a Floor vote.
  • In the 2010 Session, Senator Dixon sponsored SB153, which was an identical bill to the previous year's SB492.
  • SB153 was reported favorably out of committee.
  • SB153 passed the Senate.
  • SB153 was never reported out of the House committee before the session ended.
  • In the 2011 Session, Representative Mac McCutcheon sponsored HB266, virtually identical to the bill sponsored in 2010 by Senator Dixon (now retired).
  • The ABC Board requested significant changes to the bill, particularly regarding competitions and public events, and a committee substitute bill was offered.
  • The House Economic Development & Tourism Committee approved the substitute bill, and reported it favorably out of committee.
  • HB266 was brought before the House for a vote, but after a long debate, it failed 47 - 27.


  • In the 2012 Session, Representative Mac McCutcheon sponsored HB354, based on the previous year's bill, but with compromises that were required to gain the necessary votes.
  • The House Economic Development & Tourism Committee reported HB354 favorably out of committee.
  • HB354 passed the House by a vote of 44 - 33.
  • HB354 was juggled between Senate committees before finally being reported favorably out of the Job Creation & Economic Development Committee.  However, there were only 3 more days left in the 2012 Legislative Session.
  • HB354 never made it to a full Senate vote.  Reportedly, it had the needed votes, but with such little time, it could not get its chance before the session ended.