Contact Your Representatives

Calls and letters to your State House Representative and Senator are the best and easiest ways you can help end the Prohibition of Homebrewing in Alabama.  A quick call to your legislators during business hours will let you say something like, "I am  <my name>, and I live in <my city or county>. I am calling to ask for support for the Homebrew Bills, HB9 and SB171." Likewise, a short email or written letter saying something to the same effect makes a big impact, but be sure to include your name and address so that they will know you are a constituent.

Be polite and respectful in your communications!  We have to be better than our opponents if we want our collective voices to weigh more than theirs, so don't let their name calling and false accusations rile you up.  Also, our legislators are quite busy, so be sure to thank them for their time.

The easiest way to find your legislator's contact information is to use our friend's, Free The Hops, web site:  There, you can also see his/her voting record on both Homebrewing and Free The Hops past bills, and craft your message accordingly.  The best phone number listed to use is the "State House" one.

For anyone who wants to write more detailed letters, check out some of the Homebrewing Facts that you can discuss.

Thank you for your support!