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Update: On May 9, 2013, Governor Robert Bentley signed Representative Mac McCutcheon's HB9, the Alabama Homebrew Bill, into law.  Homebrewing is now legal in Alabama!  Thanks go to McCutcheon, Senator Bill Holtzclaw, and every other legislator who stood in strong support of Homebrewing over the past five years; and especially to all of you, the thousands of supporters who made this grassroots effort successful.


For the past five years, people across Alabama have been building a grass-roots effort to legalize the hobby of making beer and wine at home for personal, non-commercial use. Homebrewing was a popular activity across the country until Prohibition nearly a century ago made it illegal. In 1978, President Carter signed the bill that re-legalized homebrewing federally. Since then, 48 states have followed suit, leaving only Alabama and Mississippi needing to repeal the Prohibition-era laws.  Due to information being widely-available on how to brew small quantities of beer, most Alabama homebrewers got into the craft without even realizing that it is illegal here!

The American Homebrewers Association estimates at least 5000 homebrewers live in Alabama, out of the 1 million homebrewers in the entire United States.  It is critical to the state's homebrewers that this legalization effort be successful, because otherwise the threat of prosecution will always be present. Good, productive citizens who otherwise are completely law-abiding are technically considered criminals today, with implications that could cost them their jobs, homes, and families.

Alabama Bills have been reintroduced this year to legalize this hobby. If one passes, Alabama homebrewers will have the same privileges as citizens in most other states to make and possess homemade beer and wine. The only way the Alabama lawmakers will pass the bill is if enough of their constituents contact them in support of the bill to alleviate their fear of voting in favor of any alcohol-related bill in Alabama.

In 2009, Utah legalized homebrewing.  In 2010, Oklahoma successfully passed its own homebrewing legalization law.  This year, Mississippi has homebrewing bills pending in its legislature legalized homebrewing by passing a new law on March 18.  If you agree that Alabama should not be left behind as the only state in which the homebrewing hobby remains illegal, then please call or write your state legislators to let them know.

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