YeDoma Consultants, LLC (YeDoma) is a civil/ geotechnical engineering firm which was founded in 2017. Our team provides specialized engineering capabilities and prepares contract documents for routine and complex sites.

Our vision is to provide specialty consulting services and integrate elements of community outreach one project at a time. We aim to develop projects that spur economic development. Our goal is to lead our Clients to realize successful projects, providing opportunities to integrate local labor forces,improving aging infrastructure and utilities within our cities, villages and neighboring tribal nations.

Our specialized, professional, Geotechnical Engineering staff are capable of evaluating subsurface materials. Field work typically comprises drilling, test pits, and site supervision of earthwork activities. We deploy in-situ testing as a basis of our evaluations, which includes Dynamic Cone Probing (DCP), Standard Penetrometer Testing (SPT), Cone Penetrometer Testing (CPT), bulk sampling, and/or other methods of probing materials.


Our headquarters are centrally located in Albuquerque, New Mexico


Our detailed subsurface evaluations are used to decipher critical components and define the potential for geologic hazards for a site. We build on past project work. Our opportunistic approach means that in aligning with our stakeholders expectations, we will be prepared to discuss strategies intended to provide cost effectiveness, including:
  • cost-benefit and life-cycle cost analyses 
  • asset management 
  • value-engineering and constructibility reviews
  • instrumenting and monitoring technologies
  • construction phase engineering support
YeDoma integrates a technology based approach coupling traditional soil mechanics with modern data acquisition, instrumenting and monitoring to evaluate and advance routine and sometimes complex projects forward.

Recent project experience included the following components:
  • spread footing design on MSE Wall
  • compaction grouting
  • deep dynamic compaction
  • micropile design
  • subdrain details
  • gabion wall design 
  • soil nail wall design
  • rockfall and scaling 
  • mitigating expansive and collapsible soils
  • remote sensing/lnSAR Sentinel data evaluation
  • mapping sinkhole geohazards