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Pages with tables freezing the browser with graphical editors

Description of the problem

A table-heavy page, that has at least one large table, seems to freeze the browser upon editing or saving the modified article / category / section. In some cases the page will be saved, albeit very slowly, and in some cases the browser simply freezes in an seemingly endless loop. At least the more modern browsers will suggest killing the javascript that is not responding and waiting for the script to finish may or may not help.

Looking at the source-code using JCE Advanced code editor (button in the toolbar) provided no clues as everything appears to be in order.


At the moment it's unclear to me why this occurs, it may be due to a multitude of revisions on the page, using the JCE or TinyMCE graphical editors for Joomla 1.5.x

The case was discovered using Joomla 1.5.15 with:

  • TinyMCE 2.0
  • JCE 1.5.5 (component version 1.5.7, Plugin version 1.5.5)

The reason why the browser freezes is due to a huge amount of <col> -HTML tags within a <colgroup> -HTML tag, at the top of the table, before the <tbody> -tag, invisible in the advanced code editor of JCE and in the HTML -editor of TinyMCE. In the attachments below, there's an example of the code that I removed from one such table (originally about 20 rows by 5 columns + headings) that had been revised dozens of times.


A little HTML knowledge is useful in this but not absolutely necessary;

  1. go to user manager in the Joomla backend administration
  2. select your own profile
  3. on the right side, in the parameters-box, change "user-editor" to "Editor - no editor"
  4. save the changes by pressing the "Save"-button
  5. press "Close" on the top right of the browser, to close the user profile
  6. go to the article/category/section in question
  7. paint with your mouse and delete the whole code, just below the <table> -tag, starting with <colgroup> -tag and ending with </colgroup> -tag  (which ends just before the actual table content). You can see an example of the rows to be deleted in the attachments, below.
  8. save the article by pressing the "Save" button
  9. Change your editor back to your preferred editor, like in the first steps
Niko Kotiniemi,
Dec 8, 2009, 4:52 AM