Rattle in Action!

posted May 10, 2009, 7:55 PM by Adan Akerman   [ updated May 22, 2009, 12:17 PM ]
Our great friends Tonia and Jason, with whom we've kept touch since our brief time in Boston, have just sent us pictures of their wee one playing with his new rattle.  He's a cute little guy named Oliver, and by the looks of things I'd say he's got it all pretty well figured out.  

We made the very first of our rattles the day after he was born last November.  This product's creation was directly inspired by his birth.  We got so hung up on the whole evolution/perfection process, however, that it wasn't until the beginning of May that we actually sent him one of his own.  That hardly seems fair, all those other babes getting theirs first!  

Still, he looks happy enough now, and he's probably just starting to be a good age for it:

The beautiful quilt he's lying on was handmade in Namibia. Look at those colors!

All our happiest wishes are with you and your folks, Oliver.