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February 14-20

Rides to Churches: Since there are limited open seats in vehicles going to various churches on Sundays, requests for rides to church must be made by 3 pm Saturday.  Thank you for your cooperation in this.

If you have suggestions for the Pipeline or would like to have the Pipeline e-mailed to your home e-mail account, please send a message to meastty@akbible.edu. Thanks!

Chapel Schedule
Tuesday: Nick Ringger
Thursday: Joe Greeson

Cache Menu
Mon.: Lunch - Breakfast for Lunch
         Dinner - Grilled chicken, potatoes,                         veggies

Tues.: Lunch - TBA
          Dinner - Tacos, fruit

Wed.: Lunch - Chicken casserole, fruit
         Dinner - Fried chicken, mashed                             potatoes, green beans, fruit

Thurs.: Lunch - sandwiches and/or soup, peaches
Dinner - Pizza

Fri.: TBA