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August 29 - September 4

If you have an announcement for the ABC family, please e-mail it to meastty@akbible.edu by this Sunday. Thanks!
A message from CMT Czar, Joe Greeson, to all students: If you haven't already done so, please meet with your mentor as soon as possible to arrange for weekly meeting times.  Your mentor's schedule (and your schedule) is filling up rapidly.  Starting this week, you should begin receiving  e-mails from us showing where you stand and what's coming up with CMT.  May God bless and stretch you this semester.

KCAM will be celebrating the launch of KCAM-FM on Monday, Sept. 5. Nick Ringger will be on air to help with the dedication of this new music station that has been in the works for many years. Tune in at 88.7 FM!

If you have suggestions for the Pipeline or would like to have the Pipeline e-mailed to your home e-mail account, please send a message to meastty@akbible.edu. Thanks!
Chapel Schedule
Tuesday: Bob Bates
Thursday: Gary Willford

to Gene Horst this Wednesday!
Cache Menu
Mon.: Lunch - Hot dogs, fruit, chips
         Dinner - Beef stroganoff, green beans, bread sticks/cheese
Tues.: Lunch - Chili Soup
          Dinner - Chicken casserole, fruit

Wed.: Lunch - Breakfast for lunch
         Dinner - Hot Wings, rice and beans, fruit
Thurs.: Lunch - Ham sandwiches, chips, sheet cake
            Dinner - Baked potato bar

Fri.: Lunch - Soft tacos, refried beans, rice
        Dinner - Pulled Pork, baked beans, fruit