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Alberta Community Bat Program Bat Conservation Program Ecology September 15, 2016 
Alberta Council for Environmental Education Search for programs, lesson plans, professional development and more for your family, classroom or community. Ecology July 10, 2016 
Colouring pages - Endangered Species Nature Sask Resources Printable colouring pages about species at risk Ecology July 23, 2016 
Cows and Fish - Riparian Habitat Clubs can borrow the game from us and we will provide you with background information. Your club members can put the game on for you, with your assistance and participation. Cattledogs and cows aren't the only things mooooving and shaking in riparian areas. In 2005, a new Cows and Fish youth education tool to hit pastures, classrooms, and the hands of resource extension folks throughout Alberta. The 4-page factsheet includes basic awareness on riparian areas and their linkages with fish, wildlife, water, livestock and vegetation. Activities, such as puzzles, games and 'fast facts' on riparian areas are included.  Ecology July 10, 2016 
Green Teacher Resources for teachers and instructors - Outdoor-related Ecology October 11, 2015 
Leduc #1 Energy Discovery Centre History: past, present and future through movies and exhibits in 23,000 square feet of galleries, including a drilling rig demonstration. Discovery: Virtual tour of The World’s Largest Drill Bit, taking you down to the Devonian formation, “Fossils to Fuel” program, learning about oil sands and heavy oil techniques. Science: Make your own petrochemical, and hands on activities in the Learning Lab and classrooms. Alternative Energy: solar, wind and Geothermal. Exploration: 13 acres of indoor and outdoor equipment and collections. Step on the floor of a triple rig and find out what is involved to make Alberta an energy province. Our Youth Programs can be tailored to the needs of your organization.  Ecology July 10, 2016 
Nature Kindergarten A site with a wealth of information for instructors Ecology October 11, 2015 
NRC Archives National Research Council Science archives of Canada - photos, documents and more Ecology August 1, 2016 
NRC Stargazing Newsletter National Research Council Fill in the form to receive a monthly astronomy and weather newsletter! Ecology August 1, 2016 
Parks in the Classroom Look on the Learning Resources page for:Field Study Planning Guides - Animal Life Cycles - Bugology I & II - Trees & Forests - Waste In Our Natural World - Wetland Ecology   Ecology July 10, 2016 
Saskatchewan Native Plant Society Native and Threatened Plant Species Ecology February 7, 2016 
SRD Teaching Resources Downloadable Forestry and Ecology Programs Ecology July 10, 2016 
Yellowfish Road Program Protecting water from runoff contaminants Ecology February 7, 2016 
Highway Two Conservation H2C Sustainable Agriculture, Land Use, Conservation Forestry September 15, 2016 
Hinton Forestry School The Hinton Training Centre (HTC), which is operated by the Government of Alberta (GoA) and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry offers a wide range of training, education and research. HTC is unique among educational institutions in the province, nationally and inter-nationally. Forestry July 10, 2016 
Inside Education Inside Education™ is a nonprofit registered charity that provides natural resources and environment education focused on forests, water, energy and related topics. Check out their classroom resources.  Forestry July 10, 2016 
Camp Kasota Sylvan Lake Facility Leadership July 10, 2016 
Evergreen Theatre Since 1991, Evergreen Theatre has been creating and performing original science-based musical theatre for audiences across North America. By integrating musical theatre and science, Evergreen strives to create engaging productions that are as informative as they are entertaining. The goal is to inspire scientific literacy and enthusiasm, as well as to empower audiences with accessible and positive choices to keep the world around them forever green. Evergreen offers touring theatre productions: interactive science-based hour-long performances right in your school's gym, for up to 300 students and teachers!  Leadership July 10, 2016 
Hostels Find a hostel Leadership July 10, 2016 
One Simple Act Motivate Students to Take Action on the Environment with the One Simple Act School Toolkit. A One Simple Act School Toolkit has been created to help spark the development of young environmental leaders while igniting action in your school. This web based resource supports grades one to six teachers, enabling students to personally commit to one of ten simple acts that protect the environment while at school. Additional curriculum connected activities and resources provide depth and understanding to these actions, and facilitate even larger change. Pathfinder and Trailblazer leaders can also incorporate this resource into club activities. Led by Alberta Environment, the One Simple Act program encourages Albertans to reduce waste, conserve water and save energy.  Leadership July 10, 2016 
Sask Trails Association For Trail Builders and Users Leadership July 23, 2016 
AdventureSmart Get Informed and Go Outdoors Woodstravel March 20, 2016 
Alberta At'latl Alberta Atlatl website give the at'latl a try. It is very lightweight and easy to use. They do not require a lot of strength, throws just as far as a bow and it comes in adult and child sizes Woodstravel December 27, 2016 
Alberta Primitive Skills Society Alberta Primitive Skills Society Website A place for all those who love using primitive skills for hunting and recreation!  Woodstravel December 27, 2016 
Alpine Club of Canada Alpine Club of Canada - Since 1906 The Alpine Club of Canada has 22 local sections across the country from Newfoundland and Labrador to Vancouver Island and the Yukon. Woodstravel July 10, 2016 
Ben's Backwoods Ben's Backwoods an Authority on Bushcraft and Survival Tools. Woodstravel December 27, 2016 
Boreal Forest Guides Wilderness guiding and instructing, Northeast Alberta, Northwest Sask Woodstravel October 11, 2015 
Boreal Wilderness Institute  Homepage of the Boreal Wilderness Institute  Wildlife Awareness, Survival & Navigation Courses Woodstravel December 27, 2016 
Empire Wool and Canvas Company Empire Wool and Canvas Company Store Reliable natural fibers built for modern adventure. Winter Smart Clothing Woodstravel December 27, 2016 
Frostbite Symposium Frostbite Symposium Event Page Primitive and Wilderness Skills Camp Woodstravel December 27, 2016 
Hug a Tree and Survive What to do if lost Woodstravel March 20, 2016 
Hunter Education - Alberta The Alberta Hunter Education Instructors Association (AHEIA), is a non profit organization dedicated to creating an ethical, humane and educated Alberta that values wildlife, fish and the environment. In consideration of our goals and objectives, AHEIA is not only offering in-person Conservation Education training but as well, Online Conservation Education training. As an Association we are working closely with instructors to provide material and information to perpetuate and enhance the excellence of this program. Check out the Education Programs offered by AHEIA.  Woodstravel July 10, 2016 
Hunter Education - BC  Woodstravel July 10, 2016 
Hunter Education - Newfoundland  Woodstravel July 10, 2016 
Hunter Safety - Saskatchewan  Woodstravel July 10, 2016 
Knots, Animated Well-illustrated site showing how to tie many knots Woodstravel October 11, 2015 
Lester River Bushcraft Lester River Bushcraft Store  Knives, Accessories, and Apparel for Work, Play, & Preparedness Woodstravel December 27, 2016 
Mahikan Trails Mahikan Trails Website From bushcraft to plant medicine, tanning hides, making moccasins we offer an opportunity to learn time honoured skills that allow our guests to take part in our traditions and craft a keepsake they take home! Woodstravel December 27, 2016 
Mammut Bushcraft Mammut Bushcraft Website  instruction in the essential skills & knowledge to live, play and enjoy being in the outdoors. From edible plant walks to Paddle Canada certfications in canoeing and kayaking, bushcraft and survival skills, to guided excursions Woodstravel December 27, 2016 
Nature Alive Nature Alive Dale Kiselyk multifaceted school offering numerous levels of Survival Courses, Bushcraft Courses, and Outdoor Education workshops, as well as Guided Canoe Trips, National and Provincial Canoe Certifications, Recreational Drum Circle Facilitation and Djembe Instruction Woodstravel December 27, 2016 
Out Trip Plan Fillable form for easy planning Woodstravel March 20, 2016 
Paddle Canada Paddle Canada Paddle Canada is the national paddle sport body that accredits instructors and provides a high quality of programming across Canada. Frostbite! is officially a dryland training event providing skill development in the Canoe Tripping stream of training. Woodstravel December 27, 2016 
Paddle Smart Water Safety for out-tripping Woodstravel March 20, 2016 
Pitch-In Canada The program is the largest environmental improvement Campaign in Canada. It is a partnership between governments, the media, industry and the public. Volunteer “Partners” participate in a wide range of PITCH-IN CANADA WEEK activities. Woodstravel  
SAR Alberta SAR Alberta Website the provincial association for volunteer search and rescue within the province Woodstravel December 27, 2016 
Spot the Space Station NASA Space station times in the sky Woodstravel August 1, 2016 
Three Ravens Bushcraft Three Ravens Bushcraft website Love the woods? We do too! We are nature enthusiasts and we want you to be outside-out THERE, with us! Our Services range from small one on one training to a full weekend survival course and more.We can host large team building groups or smaller more intimate classes. If you have an idea or want to learn something specific, we can find a way to make it happen.  Woodstravel December 27, 2016 
Wild By Nature Adventures Connie & Ingo have been energizing JFW programs for many years. They offer a wide variety of programs Woodstravel October 11, 2015 
WildSide Wilderness Connection WildSide Wilderness Connection website Outdoor Survival Knowledge Woodstravel December 27, 2016 
Cardboard Box Ovens Plans for various designs Woodstravel - Cooking October 11, 2015 
Cardboard Box Solar Oven  Woodstravel - Cooking October 11, 2015 
Renewable Energy Projects including wind, solar, biomass and more Woodstravel - Cooking October 11, 2015 
How to pack a sled Winter camping - packing gear on a qamatik or toboggan Woodstravel - Winter camping October 11, 2015 
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