“Most people are on the world, not in it. ” - John Muir
This page can become the go-to place for alumni members,  and will also be of interest to the JFW membership at large.  
Possibilities  for this site include:
- events
- membership information and forms
- member communications
- photos and memorabilia
- and more!

Who are Alumni?

Formed in April 1994, the Alumni Association is not only a group for JFW who want to stay in touch after club involvement, but we also provide support and act as a resource to the AJFWA at the club and provincial level.

The aims of the Alumni Association are:

• Promotion of the JFW program.

• Education and environmental promotion in the community.

• Resource-assistance to new established groups.

• Initiate new areas of outdoor environmental programming.

• Provide recreation and social activities for members.

The requirements for membership are:

• Three years as a member of JFW in the past

• Be over 18 years of age

• Complete membership form (see below) and pay a $30.00 lifetime fee

Active Alumni members must also submit insurance waivers and Vulnerable Sector checks

Alumni Membership Forms