The process of population aging is a demographic and social phenomenon (Ageing Society) involving all countries in the world, both society with developed economy and society still under development (for example China is the country with the most elderly). For Instance, Italy and Japan, which hold the record for longevity of the population, are the countries in which demographic pressure is most perceived as a result of the increase life expectancy. 

In this perspective, the technology (and scientific knowledge to them connected) have an increasingly important role for the definition of problems and opportunities that this trend prefigures: medicine, food, information and communication technologies (ICT), robotics and domotics, Artificial Intelligence, complexity sciences and biotechnologies, in addition to its disciplinary intersections that need further exploration. These technologies must be adequate to promote the comfort and mobility of the elderly and to maximize their capacity of decision-making.

Finally, the technological challenges coming from the increasing Ageing Society must take in great consideration ethical issues in order to design conceptual frameworks and practical policies for the development of Ethically Sustainable Technologies.

The AI & AGEING SOCIETY WORKING GROUP (AIAS-WG) aims to constitute a forum for the members of the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence, public institutions, and industrial realities to share innovative approaches to cope with the increasing requests coming from the Ageing Society. Due to the multidisciplinary and transversal nature issued by this research and application area, the AIAS-WG invites all the cultural, scientific and social actors involved in the Ageing Society challenges to join the group and contribute to design and develop innovative solutions based on Artificial Intelligence.


Domotics, Robotics, Ambient Assisted Living, Mobility in Public Spaces, Medical Informatics, e.learning, Intelligent Flexible Architectures, Intelligent design of Adaptive and Monitoring Systems.

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