Italian Working group on Machine Learning and Data Mining

Aims and scope

The MLDM Group is a working group of the Associazione Italiana per l'Intelligenza Artificiale (AI*IA) whose general goal is to promote Italian scientific activities in the field of machine learning and data mining, and foster collaborations between research groups.

Topics of interest cover all theoretical aspects of machine learning and data mining and their application to significant real world problems


  • Since 2012  the MLDM working group organizes every year the  workshop within the international conference of the International Conference of the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence (AIxIA): see the "Workshops" list below.

  • Morever, the site provides a  “map” of the ML&DM groups in Italy (contributing to reduce the fragmentations of Italian groups ). See the "Partecipating Groups" section below.
    Your reaserch group can JOIN the MLDM working group (please, write an email to the MLDM coordinator).

  • Connections with other associations for ML&DM are open and welcome, contact the cordinator.


The group organizes the annual Italian Workshop on Machine Learning and Data Mining.
The first workshop (MLDM 2012) was in Rome, June 14-15, 2012.

The second edition (MLDM 2013) was in Turin, December 6th, 2013.
The third edition (MLDM 2014)  was in Pisa, 10 -11 December 2014.
The fourth edition was in Ferrara, 22 Septmber 2015, see MLDM2015.
The 5-th edition was in Genova, 28-29 November 2016, see MLDM 2016
The 6-th edition was in Bari, 14-15 November 2017, see MLDM 2017
The 7-th edition was in Trento, 20-23 November 2018, see MLDM 2018
The 8-th edition was in Cosenza, 18-19 November 2019, see MLDM 2019
The 9-th edition was "anywhere", November 25th-27th, 2020, see MLDM 2020


Alessio Micheli (Univ. Pisa)  (2015-nowadays). Email:

Past Coordinators (2012-2014): Paolo Frasconi (Univ. Firenze) and Nicola Di Mauro  (Univ. Bari)

Participating groups

(Ordered by contact person)

Since 2016:

Since 2012: