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KAO, Chung-Cheng

posted Aug 27, 2014, 12:05 AM by Advancement Alumni Affairs Office

Full Name:   KAO, Chung-Cheng
Present position/ title
:   Deputy Mayor, New Taipei City Government,  TAIWAN (R.O.C.)

How AIT degree helped you in achieving your career potential/goals
The Computer Application master degree program of AIT provided me all the IT & management knowledge helped me accomplishing many different fields of infrastructure construction projects.  As an engineer, the strict and concentrated training on problem solving ability I received in AIT has helped me to overcome many problems and difficulties in my work.    Overall, the study in AIT has been such a great inspiration on me that was far more important than any other training.  I really appreciate the school, the professors and schoolmates that had help in every way.


1981Master of Engineering, Asia Institute of Technology, Bangkok, THAILAND

1977B.S.(Civil Engineering), Chung Yuan Christian University, Chung-Li, TAIWAN 

Career/Accomplishment record after graduation from AIT:

2010.12 - 2014.06  Commissioner, Public Works Department, New Taipei City Government

2008.11 - 2010.12  Deputy Director General, Department of Rapid Transit Systems(DORTS), Taipei City Government(TCG)

2004.12 - 2008.11  Chief Engineer, DORTS, TCG

2003.08 - 2004.12  Director, East District Project Office, DORTS, TCG

1998.05 - 2003.08  Deputy Director & Director, Central District Project Office, DORTS, TCG

1993.01 - 1998.05  Director, Data Processing & Information Center, DORTS, TCG

1988.12 - 1993.01  Deputy Director, Data Processing & Information Center, DORTS, TCG

1987.02 - 1988.12  Section Chief, Data Processing & Information Center, DORTS, TCG

1986.09 - 1987.02  Section Chief, E & M System Division, Preparatory Office of DORTS, TCG

1982.01 - 1986.08  Engineer, Civil Engineering Department, Ret-Ser Engineering Agency(RSEA)

2011, Has Been Elected a Fellow of Chinese Institute of Civil & Hydraulic Engineering (CICHE)2010, “ Road Medal Award of the Year 2010 ”, the Highest Honour Prize of China Road Federation (CRF)

2002, “ Top 10 Distinguished Engineer Award ”, Chinese Institute of Engineers (CIE)

1989, “ Distinguished Engineer of Information Technology ”,IT Yearly Exhibition Committee, Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C.