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Engr. Leovigildo Veroy

posted Aug 24, 2014, 10:31 PM by Alumni Affairs | Office of Advancement ‎(OADV)‎   [ updated Aug 24, 2014, 10:40 PM ]

Degree and year of graduated: M.Eng. in 1966
Division / School:
School of Civil Engineering
Division: Hydraulics (Water Resources Engineering)

Work Experience
In the Government Sector:
* Senior Deputy Administrator for Resource Development and Management, MWSS (1995-1997)
* Member, Board of Examiner for Civil Engineers, PRC (1995-2002)
In the private Sector:
* Joined the partners LOPEZ HOLDINGS and LYONNAIS des EAUX as Senior VP for Operation of Maynilad  (1997-1999)
* Member, Board of Trustees and Technical Consultant, Maynilad Water Services (DMCI-MPIC group, 2007-2010)
* Independent Consultant (Water Supply Specialist) with Sinclair Knight and Merz (SKM) and DCCD, to prepare the MWSS Masterplan for 2006
* Department Head and Lecturer, Civil Engg Dept, Manuel L Quezon University (1969-1979)
* Currently, Senior Consultant, A. Lazaro and Associates Inc.
Publications and Awards
* Civil Engg Board Reviewer in Hydraulics and also in
   Mathematics, co-author and contributor with author      
   Dean Matias Arreola
* Distinguished Alumni Award, University of Mindanao
Professional Activities
* Resource Speaker-:
- 3rd Annual Conference, Asia Water ‘98, Singapore
- 2nd Annual Summit, Private Sector Participation in
   Water Projects, Jakarta, Indonesia
- 2nd Annual Conference, Water Supplies, in Kuala
   Lumpur, Malaysia
 - Barangay Water Projects (BWP) Department of Local
   Government (DLGCD), on Basic Hydraulic Concepts/
   Design of Rural Water Systems