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Dr. Lokendra Prasad POUDYAL

posted Aug 13, 2014, 10:29 PM by Advancement Alumni Affairs Office

Full Name: Dr. Lokendra Prasad POUDYAL 

Present position/ title: Chairperson, Contemporary Development Center (CoDeC)

How AIT degree helped you in achieving your career potential/goals

The AIT degree was significantly useful for me to enhance my professional career. Though I was exposed to some research work prior to joining AIT, after my enrolment as Masters and Doctoral Degree student, I found my professional capacity enhanced so much. It gave me great confidence in conducting research on various subject areas, which I could fully utilize in my professional career. My AIT degrees were stepping stones for me to access jobs at the national and international levels. I have been working as consultant for the analysis of national policies, assessing performance and developing new projects and programmes. I have worked with various government agencies, and the bi-lateral and multi-lateral donors in Asia and Africa. Without the hard earned degrees of AIT, these exposures for me would not have been possible. The consulting firm named Development Vision Nepal (DVN) was established under my leadership after my return from AIT. It has been successfully running for the last 18 years. It has also created another off-shoot consultancy firm called Contemporary Development Center (CoDeC), which is running successfully for the last one year. I feel happy to work with these organizations as they can best utilize my learning over the years, where AIT is a first spring board. I am proud of being an AITian. Indeed, it is a blessing for my professional career.                


D. Tech. Science, Development Planning (1990), Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok

M. Sc. Rural Development Planning (1982), Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok

M.A. Economics (1975), Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu


Career/Accomplishment record after graduation from AIT:

Upon completion of Masters' Degree from AIT:

-          Promoted as Rural Development Specialist at the Agricultural Projects Services Center (APROSC), Kathmandu

-          Worked as Consultant (M&E Specialist) for the Irrigation management Project (IMP), supported by USAID in Nepal

-          Worked as resource person for training on project analysis, M&E, project formulation, training needs assessment etc. for various projects  

Upon completion of Doctoral Degree from AIT:    

-          Programme Manager, Regional Programme on NGDO, AIT, Bangkok

-          Programme and Policy Consultant, FAO, Bangkok and Rome

-          Chief Technical Advisor (M&E Expert),  FAO Eritrea

-          Chairperson, Development Vision – Nepal, Kathmandu

-          Chairperson, Contemporary Development Center (CoDeC), Kathmandu

-          Frequently working as Freelance Consultant for UNDP, DFID, DANIDA, ADB, World Bank, INGOs in Nepal and abroad